Resilience and Optimism Can Be Learned!

by Teresa LynneApril 06, 2015
I was teaching my last class on resilience and how the conditioning of our brains from early childho [More]

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Who Am I To Me? A Question For The Ages.

by Teresa LynneMarch 25, 2015
I was recently listening to Pandora radio, Norah Jones and a song came on that I always loved, “Who Am I to You?”. As I was singing along mindlessly while organizing my desk, my Byron Katie training interrupted the song to question the thought. As people who have traits and symptoms of so-called BPD, we are told that part of our make-up is that we struggle with “identity disturbances”. Haha that description just makes me laugh. Not that it’s a funny experience but anything clinicians say make me laugh. They just dehumanize everything with scientific jargon. So cute. [More]


Mental “Health” System Driving You Insane? Get In the Drivers Seat!

by Teresa LynneMarch 02, 2015
You know? Sometimes it’s hard not to get disgusted and angry when I get clients who have been sucked into the vortex of a system that is supposed to help them and hear the story of how after 20 years of treatment they are worse than they’ve ever been. Usually, this begins at a young age when questioning anything is impossible.I know, by the way, that there are people who have improved because of incredibly empathetic and truly caring professionals and to you I say, I am so glad that you had that experience. I am speaking to the ones who were not as fortunate as you. [More]

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Trauma and Symptoms of Anxiety and BPD Do Not Just Come From The Home

by Teresa LynneFebruary 11, 2015
“Bullying is killing our kids. Being different is killing our kids and the kids who are bullying are dying inside. We have to save our kids whether they are bullied or they are bullying. They are all in pain.” Cat CoraGenerally speaking, when we think of people suffering with issues and traits from so called BPD, we think of families and what went on at home with traumatic events. Good families take an inordinate amount of blame when they have kids with severe mental issues and it’s not always the case [More]

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Is it Emotional Sensitivity Or Selfishness? Yes.

by Teresa LynneJanuary 29, 2015
Being someone who considers herself to be extraordinarily giving I am horrified at the notion that anyone would accuse me of selfishness. Actually, I have been accused of that. The stinging words hit the schema in my brain, the critical voice wakes up like a freaking grizzly bear and starts clawing the crap out of me. God, I am a drama queen. It’s one of my special qualities and has at times made my life exquisite.I started contemplating this whole idea because it comes up often with family members who get worn out from what they think of as the difficulty of loving someone with borderline personality disorder. I was talking to a husband the other day and he says “god, she never thinks of anyone but herself. Everything is about her. It never occurs to her what I might need in any given moment”. [More]

NPD and BPD? Two Different Tastes That Taste Terrible Together.

by Teresa LynneJanuary 21, 2015
I am really sick of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, two separate issues, being treated like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup that always go together.There is not some criteria list that I can find on narcissism as in BPD but there are very similar ones when you Google it. I like simple, so I just say, "heartless jerk" but that doesn’t even begin to describe the complexity of a personality that can wreak destruction on the lives it touches. Sense of entitlement, always the victim, blame shifting, no or very little empathy. A false identity so held onto that when you challenge their motives or behavior they will annihilate you. [More]



BPD Shame Storm: The Overpowering Emotional Wave

by Teresa LynneJanuary 08, 2015
I have a client who has taken to this healing and recovery from BPD like a fish to water. He practices skills on a consistent basis, is eating more nutritiously, practicing HeartMath and his relationships with his family are becoming more connected and joyous. He recently discovered that he had a massive shame trigger event that had let’s say been ignored and it hit him like a giant wave throwing him under and tossing him around. He fought it hard trying to use breath, but hey, you can’t breathe under water so the more he fought it the more he spiraled and spun out of control not knowing which way was up. When we mercilessly beat ourselves up, we ARE punishing the ones who love us because our shame will not allow us to connect with them. [More]


Anxiety | DBT

I Am HeartMath Certified! Get More Resilience and Clarity!!

by Teresa LynneDecember 17, 2014
A lot of people think of the heart as a mere muscle that pumps and circulates blood. The truth is there is a lot more to the heart. Neuro-cardio science has demonstrated that the heart has its own brain and nervous system and sends billions of signals every day to the brain. [More]


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The Benefits Of Yogic Pranayama Breathing Other Stories About Cesareans

by Teresa LynneDecember 04, 2014
 The Benefits Of Yogic Pranayama Breathing  Other Stories About Cesareans Good[More]



You Do Not Have to Suffer!!! Really, You Don't! Practice This and Keep Moving Forward.

by Teresa LynneDecember 03, 2014
How many of us are in a situation or have a set of circumstances we wish were different but there is nothing we can do to change it? Whether it’s an illness, a loss of some type or some sort of upheaval in our lives, we can really go beyond pain and into suffering. When I lost my husband to a divorce a few years ago, there were times I was so swallowed up in fear and sadness that I could hardly function and the abandonment thing was kicking my ass. There was not a thing I could do to change the situation and of course as I said before, it was a good decision for the long run because there was no end to the hostility between us. Still, the wretched sadness would overtake me at times and I wondered if I would even survive it, never mind find happiness again. [More]

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